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24 Hour National Helpline: 0800 027 1234

How you can help

There are many ways you can get involved and help from simple donations to organising events. From coffee mornings to volunteering. Any help really can make a difference.

Support PWA

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Financial Donations

  • £10 could help purchase materials for a child to take part in a children‘s group activity like baking or an arts and crafts project to gain confidence and encourage involvement with others
  • £20 could help provide an emergency pack for a woman fleeing domestic abuse. In the majority of cases, women turn up at PWA with only the clothes on her back. This could help to provide essential items such as clothing and toiletries
  • £25 could allow for a woman to take part in an activity with other women in refuge like yoga or stress management to help build her self esteem and health and well-being.
  • £50 could help provide an hours support/Counselling to a woman or child/young person

Every donation, regardless of the amount, will help make a difference to the women, children and young people who access our support and services.

Donations can be made in the following ways:

Or contact us directly by phoning 01738 639043 or email for the following:

  • Set up a monthly standing order through your bank
  • Wills or Legacies
  • ‘In Memory’ Donations
  • Donate through pay roll (individual or businesses)

Practical Donations

We welcome donations of the following items. Our storage space is limited so if you would like to donate something that isn’t listed below please call us on  01738 639043 or email

  • Supermarket gift vouchers – these can be used for basic fresh foods, school clothing and family needs
  • Children’s activities gift vouchers – such as bowling, cinema or soft play
  • NEW Household Bedding – such as pillows, single duvets, single sheets, single duvet covers, pillowcases, and cot sheets & blankets
  • Toiletries – new and unopened. Please call us on 01738 639043 to check what our current needs are. We are often most in need of basics such as:
  • Toothpaste and toothbrushes
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Soap
  • Deodorant
  • Face wash and moisturiser
  • Wipes – baby or facial
  • Towels and Tampons

If you have any other item that you would like to offer us please call us on 01738 639043 or email

By organising an event for us you can hep raise much needed funds to help us support women, children and young people but you can help raise awareness of domestic abuse and the support we provide which is priceless. 

The range of activities you can undertake for us are limitless and depend only on your imagination, these could include:

– dress down day at work (which also raises awareness in your workplace)

– sponsored walk/run or other activity

– bake sale

– car wash  

– quiz night 

– afternoon tea

We will happily provide you with leaflets and other goods to help you with your fundraising, please get in touch with us on 01738 639043 or email

Perthshire Women’s Aid’s vision is of a society in which women, children and young people are full and equal participants and live free of the threat of domestic abuse and other forms of violence against women. 

By working with us,  you can play a part in helping   women, children and young people to change their lives. 

Why work with us

PWA are a feminist organisation, we provide a competitive salary and pension scheme.  You will also receive regular support and supervision and work in a supportive environment. 

How we can help

Domestic abuse is not just physical. Abuse can come in many forms including Emotional, Financial, Controlling, Sexual, Psychological and coercive control.

Women's Support

Our Women’s Support Service provides 1:1 emotional and practical support.

Women's Groups & Learning

Educational programmes with peer support and bringing women together.


Safe and Comfortable accommodation with tailored support.

How You Can Help

We welcome all forms of support from simple donations to organising events. From coffee mornings to volunteering. Any help really can make a difference.

How can we help you?

We strive to ensure that our services are easy to access throughout Perthshire and we provide tailored support to individual needs.

Success stories

We’re extremely grateful for those who have bravely shared the following stories, which highlight how we can help.

Your refuge gave me the first and only opportunity to escape the abuse my children and I were still part of. As I lived near the children’s father I felt I couldn’t escape them not seeing him, and after a year of being around him with the kids every Saturday my mental health completely plummeted.

Domestic abuse survivor

I cant believe how helpful Perth Womens Aid have been, if all organisations worked the way we do with a multi agency approach then outcomes for migrant women with no recourse to public funds who are fleeing abuse could be so different.

Service user

The refuge meant I could go no contact, get us all out of the misery and despair and start a new chapter of our lives together, safely.

Domestic abuse survivor

The refuge is our safe home, our sanctuary. The flat is beautiful, full of light, with thoughtful pictures, bedding, and so much more including a fabulous garden the boys enjoy running about where I can watch them safely.

Elizabeth Sofia

Honestly, the refuge was the only way we could escape and start living in much less fear, upset and pain.

Domestic abuse survivor

The boys love this flat, and don’t want to leave! The support has been incredible. You ALL make me feel part of a wider family and network of friends and support.

Domestic abuse survivor

The refuge allowed us to escape, and feel SAFE after several years of an abusive house.

Domestic abuse survivor

It's the first time in a long time that I have ever felt free if that makes any sense.

Domestic abuse survivor

It's the first time in a long time that I have ever felt free if that makes any sense.

Domestic abuse survivor

You saved my life.

Domestic violence survivor

For the first time in years I feel safe in my own home, I know how to protect myself.

Domestic abuse survivor

I would like to thank you. As a victim of abuse I found it really helpful and learned a lot. I can now recognise abusive personalities and avoid to put myself in abusive relationships in the future. It helped me understand what I’ve been living in and why it was so wrong. Also I have learned to see early signs of abuse. Thank you so much to Women’s Aid Perth for letting supporting me in my native language of Polish. There are so many women who will get benefit of it as they struggle with English and also talking about feelings in my own language is more comfortable.


    Our partners

    Our partners help us play a vital role in supporting women and children affected by domestic abuse.

    A better tomorrow starts today!

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