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We offer support and refuge accommodation to women, children and young people experiencing domestic abuse

About Perthshire Women’s Aid

Perthshire Women’s Aid is a charity supporting women, children and young people who are experiencing or have experienced domestic abuse, operating throughout Perthshire. We provide confidential support, information and access to temporary accommodation. Support is provided in a non-judgemental, friendly, kind way whether you are still in the relationship or experiencing difficulties now the relationship has ended. We support anyone who identifies as a woman and support is provided either face to face at our premises, over the phone, or by arranging a confidential visit at a place of your choice. Support can be accessed on a self-referral basis or via referral from an agency.

Perthshire Women’s Aid understand that seeking help can be a daunting first step to take, but we are here to support you in whatever way we can.

We offer specialist knowledge and understanding of the issues that surround domestic abuse and strive to ensure that our services are easy to access for anyone who identifies as a woman.

We offer the following services:

“Since working with you, my life has completely changed. I feel more confident than I’ve ever done before, I don’t feel guilty, and I don’t feel it was my fault.”
Women’s Support Service, Outreach Service | Service User feedback 2016

If you are experiencing domestic abuse please remember that you are not responsible for the abuse and you are not alone.

You do not need to stay in an abusive situation – there are alternative options open to you and we are here to discuss these with you.

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